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1. Entelechy (4:33) - listen
2. The Flame of Love (5:02) - listen
3. Islands of Sorrow (5:15) - listen
4. Take Time Out (4:30) - listen
5. The Masked Ball (4.10) - listen
6. Islands of Sorrow (Deep Mix) (5:18) - listen

Now is the time for love, there’s love in everyone,
Let’s put the past behind us for now’s the time for love.
Now is the time for love, we’ve been waiting for so long.
Love, mystery and wonder of what is to come
And all that’s here now.
Now is the time for peace, the dream in every heart.
All people come together for now’s the time for peace.
Let’s make a brighter day built on the dreams of all.
The only way to go is for peace throughout the world,
Our world.
We must believe it’s true that we can live as one
United human family, for that’s the power of love.
Come on everyone (We are all one!)
From all around the world (The time has come!)
Our only goal can be a victory for love.
Beauty triumphant, joy reigns supreme in the flame of love!
Light up the flame of love (We are all one!)
In every human heart (We see the same sun!)
Now the sun is shining we’ll have peace throughout the world!
We’ll have peace throughout the world!
For one, for all!

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